Firm and Unwavering set of Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles began with our company in 1995 and have held true throughout the years as we’ve added clients, expanded service and bridged into new markets.  They govern and shape how we conduct ourselves with our clients, suppliers, prospects and with each other:

Happy Money – We are steadfast in our belief that any and every business venture, client engagement, supplier contract or employee relationship must benefit all parties. Success is reaching our collective peaks together

Achieving the Impossible…Together – Our parent organization was founded on the belief that it takes many hands, many minds and many perspectives to build a successful organization. Hopewell Logistics is no different; the product of many people, both past and present, working harmoniously towards a common destination.

Clear Vision and Mission

Vision – A seamlessly integrated supply chain operation that offers clients the ability to unlock the expertise and continuous improvement capabilities of a dedicated supply chain solution provider while also minimizing cost and waste.

Mission – Deliver customized Warehousing, Transportation and Last Mile solutions, coupled with ongoing continuous improvement and outstanding operational excellence, in a safe, sustainable and transparent manner.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

We believe that Continuous Improvement (CI) is not an event.

Continuous Improvement is a way of looking at the world – at our tasks and at ourselves – the deep-seeded desire to make everything and everyone better, faster, safer and more efficient.  Continuous Improvement is the philosophy of reaching, of pushing, of disrupting, of challenging ourselves and our business.  This philosophy is ingrained in everything we do.

Transparency to Trust Paradigm

In client engagements as well as with employees, suppliers, contractors and agents, the surest path to the creation of a healthy trusting relationship is open, honest and genuine communication.  Our business model is built on transparent activity, transparent interactions and transparent cost.

Safe & Sustainable Working Environment

There is perhaps no greater responsibility than to ensure that everyone who shows up for work leaves in the same or better condition than when they started.  We routinely share safety best practices with industry roundtables, clients and direct competitors.  The safety of the people who work in our industry is not a competitive advantage – it is a right and one that we must all share the responsibility in upholding.