Hopewell operates the distribution network for some of the best loved and fastest moving brands. Our Outsourced Warehouse Solutions are designed to fulfill pallet, case or broken case orders and deliver consistent quality and efficiency to your valued customers.

With warehousing distribution off your plate, you can focus on the proprietary and competitive value-chain components such as brand development, sales and marketing. Hopewell Warehousing Solutions allow you to enact cost and efficiency drivers by leveraging our team of dedicated professionals who live and breathe supply chain management.

We unlock the Canadian marketplace.  Many of clients have trusted us to leverage our many years of experience in order to capitalize on the unique geographic and retailer intricacies in the Canadian market.  We bring the same research-based approach to any new region we service, relying on a proven process to ensure that your supply chain operation is suited for the business activity and customer requirements in the specific geographical marketplace.

We go where our Clients go.  There is perhaps no better praise that when our clients ask us to support and deploy network change operations in different markets.  We are proud to work with our clients on their 5 and 10 year strategic plans, helping them to shape the vision of their supply chain for future growth.

High Volume Case, Layer & Pallet Pick Facilities

Our bread and butter. Hopewell operates multiple +500,000 sq ft warehouse and order fulfillment centers across Canada. We specialize in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector and ship to all major retailers coast to coast. High Volume sites require a steady dedication to detail and a robust integration of technology and data in order to create improvement opportunities. Our teams thrive on the challenge of major market and are relentlessly focused on service quality, safety and continuous improvement.

Single Unit Pick Facilities

Hopewell’s management team has a long history of designing and operating single unit pick facilities and have assisted major Canadian retailers on their eCommerce site designs. Single Unit Pick (or broken case pick) facilities blend a variety of shop floor operational activities which rely on specialized experienced professions to maximum efficiency as well as drive insights from data analytics. Our engineered site solutions balance the business and activity needs with scalability and Return on Investment.

Greenfield Design

Any space, any place. Customized site design is a common entry point for new clients. Whether the strategy is regional expansion, national consolidation or site differentiation, Hopewell can work with your team to design the space that is right for your business.