Order fulfilment in today’s market is in a state of flux.  Market demands press against operational costs all swayed by the shifting consumer buying patterns.  Designing a functional & efficient network has never been more complicated.  With Hopewell Network Design services, we can help you position your business for outstanding results.

Network Analysis

Data. One of the single most important resources for driving your business forward is often the cause of endless debate on what data is useful, how reliable the data is and when the data will change to reflect the changing business environment.

If you’ve ever felt that the bright light at the end of the data discovery tunnel might actually be a train, let us help. Hopewell is in the business of Network Design. We have helped dozens of companies sift through the data spiral to isolate the key nuggets that truly move their business forward. Whether we’re designing a site network strategy, multi-temperature zone locations within a site, or just figuring out the best place to put the washroom, Hopewell can help.

Regional Expansion

Fast to Market. If your business is in a state where a regional distribution strategy will deliver on the customer expectations and speed to market, Hopewell can help. We operate multiple contiguous sites for our clients, managing inventory and Stock Transfers Order (STOs) between them to capitalize on the business need of speed to market. We understand deeply the long shadow cast by employing a strategy that utilizes multiple piles of inventory and have fine-tuned our approach over the last two decades to create efficiency.

Our team can help assess the optimal size and placement for your regional sites and can help you to develop a go-to-market strategy that satisfies cost, service and risk.


A natural step in the evolutionary cycle of network design, there are often many reasons why a client may choose to consolidation their network. Over our decades in business, we have helped many clients consolidate smoothly and without creating noise for their customers. We ground ourselves in the data and can help you determine the best course of action for your desired business results.

Hopewell operates several single-site national mixing center strategies, fulfilling all order demand from one centrally located site. In this type of a strategy, clients rely heavily on our Continuous Improvement programs and transportation management to ensure costs are kept in line and customers are satisfaction.